• 04 Nov, 2023

AccelerateIndia participated in a unique and highly anticipated startup summit organized by Marwari Catalysts in Jaipur, renowned for its rich culture and entrepreneurial spirit. Dr. Neha Sharma, Founder, and Director, addressed the audience, shedding light on critical aspects of global expansion for startups

Day 1 Startup Xchange- Marwari Catalysts - It was indeed an overwhelming experience as Accelerate India received a significant number of inquiries from startups looking to expand their global presence and enhance their journey with Accelerate India.

Day 2 Startup Xchange - Marwari Catalysts- In the fast-paced business landscape of the time, expanding beyond borders was an essential step for startups looking to scale and thrive globally. Dr. Neha Sharma, a renowned expert in international business and growth strategies, shared invaluable insights on:

  • The Imperative of Going Global
  • Strategies for International Success
  • Scaling Globally
  • Networking Opportunity